Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

After my horrible Flight Delays yesterday I finally arrived at my hotel a bit after 5 in the morning.

I stayed up until breakfast was served, but then took a long nap.

I was then ready for lunch and asked at the front desk if there were any restaurants within walking distance.

zestos, omaha, pork tenderloin, ice cream

The guy at the front desk told me that Zesto was just a short walk away and mentioned that they had good tenderloins. I then knew what I was having for lunch.

tenderloin, zesto, pork tenderloin, sandwich, fries, tea

After a short walk to Zesto through the cold weather and very light flurries I was ready for lunch.

Here you see my pork tenderloin sandwich with fries.

tenderloin, zesto, pork tenderloin, sandwich, fries, tea

The pork tenderloin sandwich is mostly just seen in the Midwest where it is common in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.

The pork cutlet is made from thin strips of meat from the pork loin. The meat is hammered flat, breaded and deep fried.

tenderloin, zesto, pork tenderloin, sandwich, fries, tea

The tenderloin is served on a hamburger bun.

The tenderloin is typically larger than the bun. In some extreme cases I have seen tenderloins more than 2-3 times larger than the bun.

The most common side is french fries, but I have seen a few other alternatives like onion rings or some other fried food.

tenderloin, zesto, pork tenderloin, sandwich, fries, tea

In the end though the tenderloin is the star of the sandwich. The lean white meat with the deep fried crust is really delicious.

I also wanted to get a banana shake, made with a whole banana, but it was a bit too cold. The best banana shakes I have ever had have all come from different Zesto locations.

Have you ever had a Pork Tenderloin sandwich?



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