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Gyeongbokgung or Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven was built just after the Joseon Dynasty was founded in 1392.

The palace has an interesting history with prosperous times and also times of destruction and neglect.

Today I will only share a few pictures with a little bit of commentary as I have to get ready for my class to start.

Geunjeongjeon - Gyeongokgung - Main Throne Hall - Seoul, South Korea - Joseon Dynasty

To the left of this picture is Geunjeongjeon which is the main throne hall in the palace complex. The name means “all affairs will be properly managed if Your Majesty demonstrate diligence.” To the right of the picture you see the modern skyline of Seoul. I tried to duplicate a picture that I took on a former trip to Seoul, but forgot exactly where I took the picture from and how I had it framed. You can see the former picture in my pre-trip post Packing Again. The changes in the skyline since 2005 are amazing.

Hyangwonjeong - Gyeongbokgung palace - Seoul, South Korea - Pavilion - Square Pond - Garden

In the back part of the palace complex is a square pond named Hyangwonji. In the middle of the pond is an island with a pavilion named Hyangwonjeong. I have only seen this pavilion in the winter and early spring, but have seen pictures of it in other times of the year. I need to come back when it is surrounded by more color.

Gyeongbokgung - Gyeonghoeru Pavilion - Seoul Palace Complex - Seoul South Korea - Banquet hall - Reflecting Pool

Here we have Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. This is where the king held banquets for foreign delegations. This design is from 1867 and the second story is supported by 48 stone columns. A beautiful reflection pool surrounds the pavilion and I was able to get a few nice reflection pictures. The site is so beautiful and peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at Gyeongbokgung. I will share more pictures in the future, including interesting little architectural details that I like.


The Empty Tomb

I had a different plan for what I was going to write this morning. I was going to put together a post based on the Fanny Crosby hymn Tell Me the Story of Jesus. However, I realized that I needed some resources that I had at home to write the post the way that I wanted it to be written.

Instead, I will share a couple of pictures from my trip to Israel last year.

Tomb with rolling stone - Tomb in Israel  - Ressurection - Easter Sunday

I took this picture from the window of our tour bus. We did stop to take the pictures :-). We were on the road somewhere between Mt. Carmel and Tel Megiddo. This tomb was found when they were constructing the road.

This tomb may look familiar to many of you, as it is one that is commonly used to illustrate the type of tomb Jesus was buried in.

And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed.  (Matthew 27:59-60 KJV)

John also had to stoop down to look into the tomb, so this is also illustrated by the picture. Of course, this is not the tomb of Jesus, but it is from the time period. It is also far from Jerusalem :-).

Just outside the gates of Jerusalem there is a site that is called the Garden Tomb. At this site is another example of a rock hewn tomb.

Garden Tomb - Jerusalem - Rock Hewn Tomb - Ressurection - Easter

Evidence has been found that this tomb is much older than the time of Jesus, so it would not have been a new tomb at the time of his death on the cross. There are also other pieces of evidence, including probable location, that also show that this is not the tomb. A more probable location for the tomb is at or near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

It was an interesting experience to visit the Garden Tomb. It was a beautiful garden and you can also overlook the skull formation that some believe is the site of Golgotha.

Today it is not important that we know where the tomb of Jesus was. What is important is that the tomb was empty and that Jesus was resurrected.

Garden Tomb - Jerusalem - Jesus Christ Ressurection - Easter

This is also something that we should remember each Sunday, and not only on one Sunday of the year. In fact, this is something that should be remembered at all times. We serve a risen Savior.