Sydney Daisies II

Here are two more Daisies from a trip that I took to Australia last year. You may have noticed that the title of the post is Sydney Daisies II. So of course, there is an original Sydney Daisies post. I posted it in June and hinted at a follow-up post in the future. Here it is.

These Daisies were planted in a traffic circle in the middle of a business park near my hotel in North Ryde, which is a bit north of Sydney. Sydney Daisies - Asteraceae - Daisy - North Ryde, Australia

I really like the contrast between the beautiful colors in this bloom. The detail of the center is also very interesting. The red and yellow of the center just pops out at you.

Here we have a close-up of a different bloom. Sydney Daisies - Asteraceae - Daisy - North Ryde, AustraliaI really like the purple colors in this bloom and also the way that we seem to be drawn into the bright yellow center of the daisy. I like the way that you can see flecks of pollen on the petals and how the stamen stand at attention around the yellow center.

I really love the beautiful colors that we see in nature.

What are your favorite colors for flowers?


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11 Responses to Sydney Daisies II

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    As Terri Hatcher once said on Seinfeld, “they’re real and they’re fabulous”. Wow, those are perfection. My favorite garden colors to put together is Orange and Fuschia

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love daisies and these are gorgeous!!! My favorite colors are pink and lilac 🙂 Thanks!!!

  3. fieldfest says:

    these are gazania, very nice and very variable

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  6. The colors are stunning! I definitely prefer the pictures in this post over the other one, but a casual visitor would have to look at both to compare. Are the posts tagged differently?

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