A Little Opera

Sydney Opera House that is.

Tonight I am sharing three views of the Sydney Opera House.

The first, I have shared before in Zoo with a View.Himalayan Tahr at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, AustraliaThe Himalayan Tahr at the Taronga Zoo have a great view of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

Next we have a view from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney.Sydney Opera House - Red Canna Lillies - Royal Botanical GardensIf you don’t look close, you won’t notice the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge behind these beautiful red Canna Lilies. I really like the way that the background is out of focus. You get just a hint of the surroundings. There are many beautiful views of the Sydney Opera House from the gardens.

Last we have a sunset picture.Sydney Opera House - Sunset in Sydney - Farm Cove - Sea GullThis picture was taken across Farm Cove as the sun was setting. I was waiting for the perfect time to take the picture and this seagull decided to pose for me as the sky was coloring. I actually waited too long and was unable to walk back along the shore of Farm Cove and through the gardens. They close the gates at night and I missed them by about 15 minutes. I had to take a long walk around the gardens to get back to the Circular Quay area where I planned to end up the evening and take my train back to the hotel. It was a dark and tiring walk. But, the photos were worth the extra effort as I have a few more great pictures that were taken that evening :-).

Which picture do you like best? There are things I like about all three, but I do have a favorite.


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8 Responses to A Little Opera

  1. I think I like the third one best.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    They’re all great. Lucky zoo residents with that fabulous location. I’m glad the seagull decided to interject himself into your photo, so much more whimsical and my favourite. The guy who gave me my first job once told me “always put a subject, be it person or animal, in your photos because even if you forget what year or who it is or where it is, you’ll always have something to laugh about”

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Fabulous post!! I’m partial to the last one. I’ve always loved the opera house and your photo is outstanding. Thanks …

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