Research Reading

Tonight I am going to share a couple books that I am reading for research.

Of course, you should know by now that I am always researching something.

Great Ages of Man Byzantium - Research - History - Turkey - Vacation ReadingI will start with one that I am reading to learn more about Turkey. I have been reading several books about the history of Turkey in preparation for my vacation later this year. You can see a few more of my reading choices at: Turkey Time

The book is Byzantium by Philip Sherrard and is part of the Great Ages of Man series from Time-Life Books.

Audubon by Constance Rourke - Naturalist - Illustrator - Audubon Prints - History of Audubon - DauphinI read this book as part of my Newbery Challenge, but was also interested in this as I have wanted to know more about John James Audubon. I have another book about Audubon that I want to read, and then I plan on writing a post about him.

I like to take pictures of birds and also like wildlife art.  You can click on the embedded links to visit posts with bird pictures.

I found out something really interesting about Audubon in this book and had to do even more research. You will have to wait for the post to find out what I found in Audubon by Constance Rourke.

Pioneers of Massachusetts 1620-1650 - Charles Henry Pope - Ancestors - Geneaology - Pine Tree Shilling - Joseph JenksThis book came in the mail today. I ordered Pioneers of Massachusetts 1620-1650 by Charles Henry Pope a couple months ago. The book has been on back order and finally arrived. It was supposed to come in October at the same time as several other genealogy books. You can see them in my post: Home Again

I took a quick look and found that several of my ancestors are listed in the book. I also noticed something special on the front cover. The dies for the Pine Tree Shilling that is shown on the front cover may have been created by one of my ancestors.  You can read more about Joseph Jenckes in my post: Tradition of Preparedness

The Prospering - Elizabeth George Speare - Stockbridge, Massachusetts - Ephraim Williams - Indian Mission - History - Family HistoryHere is another book that I recently finished and will soon be writing about. The Prospering by Elizabeth George Speare is about close cousins of my ancestors.

I found out about this book after reading several of Speare’s books that won Newbery awards.

The post I write about The Prospering will also be part of my Religion in Family History series.

Check back to see what I write about this research.


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3 Responses to Research Reading

  1. gpcox says:

    I can relate. When anyone asks what they can get me for Christmas or my birthday – it is always a research book! A man after my own heart!

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