Hopping into a New Year

The Lunar New Year is this weekend. This year will be the Year of the Rabbit, so I have been thinking of rabbits.

black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus), wetlands, office, preserved wetlands, rabbit, hareToday I was thinking of this black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) which was in the preserved wetlands at our office last year. The rabbit would have had to bee swimming today as we now have a large pond in front of our office.

Rabbit - Mountain cottontail - Sylvilagus nuttallii - Rabbit - AirportI remember taking this picture of a mountain cottontail while waiting for a flight at the airport.

Sylvilagus audubonii - Desert cottontail rabbitHere is a desert cottontail rabbit at a rest area here in the Central Valley of California.

Rabbit - Bunny - Cottontail - Nature - Fence - Omaha, NebraskaHere is a little cottontail bunny that I saw in Omaha while visiting my sister many years ago.

Rabbit, Park, Tame Rabbit, Rowentree Mills Park, TorontoI saw this rabbit at Rowntree Mills Park in Toronto, Canada. I am pretty sure that this was somebody’s pet that escaped.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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