Is it Breakfast or Dinner?

Tonight I am thinking whether I should have breakfast or dinner.

In Germany where I will be teaching in a couple hours it is time for breakfast. Here it would be time for a late dinner.

This is making me think of a dinner I had in Germany back in 2016.

Kartoffelhaus, Jena, Germany, Food, RestaurantI thought of a dinner I had at The Kartoffelhaus, which is one of the restaurants in Jena I try to eat at during each visit. If I stay long enough I eat there multiple times.

Of course, the potato is the star at the Kartoffelhaus.

Kirsch-Banane-Saft, Cherry, banana, juiceI like to start of my meal my meal off with a KiBa, which is Kirsch-Banane-Saft. Kirsch is cherry and I think that you can figure out that Banane is banana.

I really like this mixture of cherry and banana and it is my go to drink at restaurants in Germany if they have it, especially as I have cut sodas from my diet. I usually though am tempted to have German Fanta, which is quite refreshing versus the Fanta we have in the United States.

Bauernfrüstück, Farmer’s Breakfast, potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions, baconOne of the meals that I like to have there is called Bauernfrüstück, which translates to Farmer’s Breakfast. The dish is a large potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions and bacon. A very delicious combination. It is also why I am thinking about it in my eating dilemma tonight.

When I travel to Germany I always take the opportunity have bacon and pork. In this case in 2016 I knew that I would probably not see them on the menu for the rest of the month as I was going on a dig in Israel right after the time in Germany.

For now, what should this Farmer Teacher have before my class at midnight.



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