Valentine’s Day 2022

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I decided to share some images that make me think of Valentine’s Day activities.

Love Padlocks - N Seoul Tower - Mount Namsan - Eternal LoveIn Seoul, South Korea you may proclaim your love for you valentine with a padlock. See Korean Love Padlocks.

Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) - Taronga Zoo - Valentine Couple - Bird CouplePerhaps you can go to the zoo and view some Valentine Storks.

Century Old Valentine - Two Girls - Valentines Greetings - Old CardsPerhaps you will receive Valentine Greetings from a family member.

Century Old Valentines - Happy Valentine's Day - Old Valentine Cards - HeartsThese cards are more than a century old.

Century Old Valentines

Century Old Valentines II

Century Old Valentines III

Old Photo Booth Picture, No SmilePerhaps you can take a selfie together with your valentine which is the modern day equivalent of this photo booth picture my Grandparents took when they were dating.

See: Old Time Photography X – More Photo Booth

Happy Valentines Day!


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