Korean Love Padlocks

Tonight I have been watching Olympic Curling, so have only a little bit of time to get a post together.Curling, Canada, Canadian Sports, TravelThe picture above is not from the Olympics, but from when I was last in Canada where it was on TV.

Love Padlock - N Seoul Tower - Seoul South Korea - Namsan Park - We are Married - Eternal LoveSince the Olympics are in South Korea and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I will post some pictures of the Love Padlocks at Mount Namsan in Seoul.

The Love Padlocks at Mount Namsan were made famous because of a TV show in South Korea and since that time thousands of padlocks have been left on the mountain.

Love Padlocks - N Seoul Tower - Mount Namsan - Eternal LoveCouples write their names on padlocks and attach them to a fence on top of the mountain.

Love Padlock - Rusted Love - Heart - N Seoul Tower - Namsan Park - Eternal LoveThe padlocks are left by sweethearts to symbolize their love. They are often left in pairs and the keys are thrown away to symbolize eternal or unbreakable love.Love Padlock - N Seoul Tower - Namsan Tower - Eternal Love - Locked up Love - GraffitiThere was a big problem with people throwing the keys off the terrace and endangering people below, so a key disposal site where you can drop of your keys was added. People will also leave other mementos such as cell phone cases, key rings, hearts, etc.. You can see them in the picture above.

Love Padlock Trees - Namsan Tower - N Seoul Tower - Seoul South Korea - Tree of LoveThere are also Love Padlock trees which are full of mementos of love.

Another interesting feature are the special benches where people slide together when they sit on them. Nice and cozy.

Since I visited Mount Namsan I have noticed Love Padlocks in other places. They appear on bridges and fences all over the world. The most recent ones I have seen have been in Jena, Germany on a bridge over the Saale River.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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