Japanese in Brazil

Yesterday I was thinking about Brazil because of the Olympics in Japan, so this has made me think about Japanese in Brazil. Tonight I am just sharing something I wrote during my most recent trip to Brazil.

Sushi is popular in Brazil, but that is not surprising as they have a large Japanese population. Most of the 1.5 million Japanese in Brazil are descendants of workers who came in the early 1900’s to work on coffee plantation.

sushi, brazil, japanese, brazilian cuisineFor lunch today we went to IE Sushi.

ie sushi, brazil, sao paulo, brazil sushiThe sushi was really good. The sushi is very much like what you would get in Japan, but also is influenced by local cuisine.

hot philadelphia sushi, brazil sushi, cream cheese, salmonOne of the types of sushi that we had is called Hot Philadelphia. You cannot see it here, but the filling is cream cheese and salmon and it is deep fried in oil. It was delicious.

temaki, cream cheese, salmon, sushi, brazil cuisineWe also had temaki with salmon and cream cheese. Definitely something that I have not seen in Japan.

sushi, brazil, strawberry sushi, sashimiHere is another sampling of sushi and sashimi. What stood out for me on this plate was the strawberries.

brazilian sushi, strawberry sushi, sweet sushi, sweet and savoryThis was a wonderful little bite with a mix of savory and sweet. The Brazilians are known for adding sweet elements into their sushi, definitely a delicious twist.

Definitely a wonderful lunch experience.


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