Hotels in Japan

I have been thinking about hotel rooms in Japan ever since I found out that some athletes were staying in hotels instead of the Olympic Village. I heard of one athlete that was staying in a small hotel and complained that he didn’t have room to move around in his room and stretch and lift anything for exercise. I can understand this. He was later moved to a Hilton which was better for him.

I did wonder if the US gymnasts were staying at a luxury hotel or at a business or  domestic tourist hotel. After watching a video of them arriving at their hotel I did see what hotel it was and it was not one of the big luxury hotels. However, it is a hotel that is only a few years old and does have bigger rooms than the ones you will see below. In fact, the pictures of the rooms looked very nice on the hotel website.

This reminded me of a post that I wrote after my last trip to Japan about the rooms I stayed in as I traveled across the country.

I have embedded the post below.



During my trip last week to Japan I stayed in some small hotel rooms.  Space is at a premium in Japan, so business hotels usually have pretty small rooms.

Tokyo Hotel Room, Business Hotel, Tokyo, small hotel roomThe first two nights were spent in the same hotel in Tokyo, but for the rest of the trip I had to pack again each morning.

It is hard to tell here, but I had less than three feet between the bed and the desk area where the TV and outlets were.

Osaka Hotel, Small Room, Japan HotelThe second night I was in Osaka and when I checked in the front desk clerk told me that I had an upgrade. I really wonder how small the basic room was in this hotel. The room was nicely decorated and everything looked new, so perhaps it was more about the condition than the size of the room. I stayed at this hotel years ago and it was not this nice then.

Desk and TV, small hotel room, Osaka, JapanI did have a little bit more room from the foot of the bed to the desk than in some of the others. The TVs in any of the rooms were not too large, but when you have a small room you don’t need a large TV 🙂

Kyoto Tower Hotel, Japanes Hotel RoomsThe next night in Kyoto I again got an upgrade. The front desk clerk said that I was getting an upgrade to a room with two beds. It would have been really nice if I had only the one bed as then I would have had quite a bit of room 🙂

With the second bed I was able to easily access my suitcase and spread everything out to repack a little better.

Osaka Hotel, Washington Square Plaza, Osaka, Japan, Hotel RoomMy last night in Japan was again spent in Osaka, but at a different hotel. I did have a nice view out the window as I worked on my computer. I was staying on the 20th floor, so was looking down on part of the city.

These are not the smallest rooms I have stayed in. That distinction would go to a few hotels in London. I stayed in one where it was basically all bed and bathroom. I had to store my suitcase in the bathroom over night just so I could sleep.

No real complaints though as I spent very little time in the rooms during the trip and all I really need in a room is a bed and a bathroom.




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