Carnival Time

While driving to the grocery store this evening I thought about this post I wrote a couple years ago. It is carnival time again.

This evening while doing my Saturday shopping I drove by a carnival.

Carnival, Malvern Iowa, Silver Star Shows, 4th of JulyWhen I see carnivals I think about Silver Star Shows.

For many years my grandparents worked for this carnival. It was first just on weekends, but when my grandpa retired they spent more time with the carnival.

Merrygo round, Grandpa, Silver Star Shows, CarnivalHere is my grandpa working one of the rides at the carnival.

German Carnival, Midway, Jena, AltstadtfestCarnivals are of course always full of rides and today they are sometimes more complicated than they were back then.

Ferris Wheel, Jena, Germany, Altstadtfest, CarnivalI also see carnivals or festivals in other parts of the world like this one in Germany. It is very common to see a Ferris wheel at carnivals, and the one I drove by tonight had a nice colorful one.

Ferris Wheel, Jena Germany, Christmas MarketMy younger sister also used to work for a carnival, so I always think of family when I see carnivals.

Ring Toss, Pop Bottles, Soda Bottles, Carnival GamesFor me, I like to wander around a carnival and watch people play the games of skill like this ring toss one.

Now back to work on a presentation for tomorrow.



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