Silver Star Shows

For the past week there has been a carnival set up by our local mall. Whenever I see a carnival it brings back memories of my Grandpa and Grandma.

My Grandpa and Grandma would work for Silver Star Shows of Brownville, Nebraska during the summer. My Grandpa would run one of the rides and my Grandma would sell tickets.

Luckily my Grandma kept some items in her scrapbooks that I can share.

Silver Star Shows, Clifton and Sons, Brownville, Nebraska, Carnival, Admit OneThe carnival route that my grandparents would work would usually run through Nebraska and Iowa. I remember many letters coming from my grandma that would tell where they were and where they were going next.

Carnival, Malvern Iowa, Silver Star Shows, 4th of JulyThis clipping is of the carnival at Malvern, Iowa on the 4th of July and there is a note that ‘We Went’. At first they would just work on the weekends or holidays, but later after my Grandpa retired they would travel with the show. They would sleep in the back of their station wagon or big blue van.

Two of my uncles also worked the shows, so it was a family affair. I talked to my Mom tonight and she said that she even sold tickets one time when we were visiting on the 4th of July.

Silver Star Shows, Malvern, Iowa, Carnival, 1970'sThis ride looks a little crazy for me. I would want a little more protection around me. When I go to a carnival I will usually prowl along the midway watching the games of chance or get a taste of the carnival food.

Merrygo round, Grandpa, Silver Star Shows, CarnivalHere is a picture of my Grandpa running the carousel for the Silver Star Shows. He looks like he is having a lot of fun.

Do you like to go to carnivals?

What is your favorite ride?



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