Half Year

It is hard to believe that the first half of the year is coming to an end.

It is good to see that we are starting the long road back to normal.

commute, altamont, earlyAlthough, I am not looking forward to commuting again.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, california, early morningFortunately I am still a remote employee, but I will have to go into the office more often now.

almond wood bbq Italian, lasange, basilThis past Sunday I ate in a restaurant for the first time since last February.

Before the pandemic I didn’t eat out too often when not traveling, but it was nice to finally share a meal with friends.

Kansas state track, 3200 meter relay, 2 mile relay, track and fieldThe Tokyo Olympics are not far off which is making me think of running track in High School.

Tokyo 2020, Olympic Stadium, Construction, TokyoI am also thinking of my last trip to Tokyo and getting to see the Olympic Stadium under construction. It will not be too long until we see the opening ceremonies there.

Are you ready to celebrate the 4th of July as we start the second half of the year?


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