LEGO Masters – Season 2

Tonight I watched the first episode of season 2 of LEGO Masters.

It looks like it will be an exciting competition as there are some really good builders.

More exciting is that the winning team tonight is from Stockton. The team consists of brothers and one of them went to high school just a few blocks from where I live.

Of course the competition had me thinking of one of my hobbies

Building with AnkersteinBuilding with Ankerstein is one of my hobbies, and is something that I have done a lot of while staying home during the pandemic.

I discovered Ankerstein about 16 years ago during a trip to Jena, Germany. They had an exhibition at a shopping mall.Ankerstein NF10 - Anchor Blocks - building Blocks - Stones - Architectural ToysThe Ankerstein system is pretty cool. You start with a Basic Box and then add Extension Boxes to build progressively larger structures.

Ankerstein NF10 - Building Blocks - Manufactured stones - Anchor Stones - Boxes of Blocks As you add additional sets the variety of stones increase and new stones are introduced. The complexity of the buildings increase with each box.

Ankerstein Chapel - Anchor Blocks

Here is a chapel built with just the first box. Set 6

You can see that it is pretty basic.

Votive Church - Ankerstein - Anchor Blocks - NF20 - Building BlocksHere is a church building that I build with the eight boxes of stones that make up set #20 (6 + 6A + 8A + 10A + 12A + 14A + 16A + 18A).

The building is definitely more complex.

Ankerstein Convent with GardenThis structure is a church with an attached convent.

Ankerstein Town Gate - Anchor Blocks

Here is a Town Gate.

ankerstein, building blocks, lego alternative, stacking stones, beer hallHere is my latest build from set number 26. The title of the plan is Munich Beer Hall

The boxes come with layer plans for building different structures, but many builders come up with their own designs.

The stones can be used over and over again as they are simply stacked on top of each other. Sometimes it takes a really steady hand to place the blocks, and I have also had a few collapses when I have bumped the building or table.

There is no big Ankerstein Masters competition, but there is a worldwide club of Ankerstein builders. See: Mededelingenblad

Now I have something to watch on Tuesday nights since the Curse of Oak Island season is over.


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