June is Dig Time

June is usually the start of dig season in Israel, and I always look forward to reading about the different archaeological digs that are underway. In some years I have also participated in digs during the summer.

Lachish valley, israel, sunrise, khirbet al-Ra'i, ziklagLast year there were not too many digs during the summer because of COVID-19, but it looks like this year there will be quite a few.

Here is a picture from a dig that I was on two years ago.

wheel barrow, balks, dirt, archaeologyThe dig was of course a lot of hard work and I made many trips to the dump with a wheelbarrow. The dig was not too good on my knees as I had a minor twist of one of my knees the first day and it took some time to fully recover after the dig.

Dig at Lachish, Last day, Lachish, Archaeology, SquareI am also thinking of past digs like this one at Lachish.

Abel Beth-Maacah, Joab, Abel, Sheba, Archaeology, Dig SiteTonight I was remembering a visit to the dig at Abel Beth Maacah. During my Wednesday night class on the Divided Kingdom I shared a picture of one of the recent finds when talking about the conflicts between Israel and Syria.

Masada dig, current digs, smac, exhibitionI am also thinking about the last trip that I took. It has now been about 18 months since I last flew on an airplane. The trip was to Germany, and while there I visited a museum that had used some of my pictures in an exhibition on Life at the Dead Sea.

Hopefully there will be some nice discoveries at the digs this summer.


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