What is Mededelingenblad?

Mededelingenblad - Newsletter - Club of Anker Friends - Ankerstein - Anchor Stones

Mededelingenblad is a Dutch word that in English simply means “Newsletter.”

I get my Club van Ankervrienden Mededelingenblad four times a year. It is also known as the MLB and the club as the CVA.

The CVA is for people who build with Ankerstein. The building stones are manufactured in Germany and were first introduced over 130 years ago. You can find out more about the blocks by clicking on: Ankerstein

The MLB is filled with lots of fun stuff for us builders. There are nice pictures of buildings that members have built, tips for building, information about the history of the Ankerstein company and much more.

The latest MLB came in the mail this week and I have enjoyed reading it. It also makes me think of the trips I have made to the Ankerstein factory.

Ankerstein Factory - Rudolstadt, Germany - Anchor Blocks - Building Blocks In this picture you can see the assembly area where they load the boxes of blocks. Since the time I took this picture they have moved to a new factory. I hope to visit it some day when I go to Germany again.

At this time of year many of the club members are constructing buildings that can be used for Nativity scenes.

Anker Nativity Scene - Toy Blocks - Ankerstein - Christmas - Christmas Eve - Anchor BlocksLast year I put together a series of posts about the Nativity buildings that you can build with the stones.

Anker Nativity 1

Anker Nativity 2

Anker Nativity 3

The latest MLB has pictures of much more elaborate scenes, including some with chapels or church buildings.

Builders will also add figures of animals and people to their Nativity scenes.

I need to get busy and build one of these this year. Perhaps just the smallest one that is featured in Anker Nativity 1 as it will not take much time to build.

You may have also noticed that for the last couple months there has been a picture at the end of each of my posts. This is an example of an Ankerstein building in process. You can go back through the recent posts and see the different stages of construction.


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks

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5 Responses to Mededelingenblad

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Thanks for explaining. I have been wondering why the last picture with no comments.

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