Bluey’s First Service

Today I took Bluey to the dealer to get the first service. It was only earlier this month when the odometer clicked past 5,000 miles.

oil change, first service, Ford, Bluey, Covid reduction of milesI have had Bluey now for about 18 months, so amazing that I have only driven just over 5,000 miles.

Bluey got an oil change and the tires were rotated.

car wash, service, oil change, bluey, clean carBluey also got a bath and is now nice and clean.

clean air vehicle, hybrid, plug in hybrid, tagSince Bluey was nice and clean I decided to apply my CAV (Clean Air Vehicle) stickers.

I had not applied them yet since I have not been driving much.

cav sticker, bluey, clean carHowever, I am now going to the office more often and traffic is starting to pick back up.

I will now be able to use the express lane if traffic starts to back up. It will also be helpful when the on ramp metering lights are active.



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1 Response to Bluey’s First Service

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    You said Bluey,, Memories started. Mother and I worked for a city agency named Coffeyville Transportation. She received CB messages from the office to pickup people taking them to the grocery stores, etc. The car she drove was named “blue”.

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