A Stone for Silas

Yesterday I received notification that the grave stone for my 3rd Great Grandfather Silas Calvin Ramsey had arrived in Des Moines. Once the weather has improved the stone will be placed at the cemetery.

I will tell the story about how this has come about in a later post once the stone has been set.

Silas Calvin Ramsey - 3rd Iowa Cavalry - Civil War - FarrierThe reason for the stone is that Silas Calvin Ramsey served in the 3rd Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War.

grave stone, Iowa Cavalry, blacksmith, civil war, Des MoinesSilas passed away in 1903, but he never had a permanent stone. It will be nice for him to have a stone so that he can be honored along with other soldiers.

I will write a future post about his service, but you can see from the picture of the stone that he was a blacksmith.

You can read more about Silas Calvin Ramsey’s life in my post Tracing Silas Calvin Ramsey.

For my family members that are seeing this and wondering which branch of the family Silas belongs to, he is the Great Grandfather of my Grandma Braman.



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