Tracing Silas Calvin Ramsey

In the past weeks I have been doing a bit of research on one of my 3rd Great Grandfathers. I have a few things that I want to clear up and make sure that I have good documentation for.

Silas Calvin Ramsey - 3rd Iowa Cavalry - Civil War - FarrierThis will be the first of several posts about Silas Calvin Ramsey and this one will simply focus on where he lived throughout his life.

Whitley, Tennessee, Whitleyville, Silas Calvin RamseySilas Calvin Ramsey was born in Whitley, Tennessee according to his discharge papers from the Civil War. I could not find a Whitley, but there is a Whitleyville in Jackson County, Tennessee where his father William was living in 1830. Silas Calvin was born in 1827.

Harrison County, Indiana, Ramsey, FairdaleIn the 1840 Federal Census his father William was in Blue River Township in Harrison County, Indiana. In 1846 Silas Calvin married Sarah Ann Sears in Harrison County. Most likely they lived very near where the little circle with a 64 is. This is Fairdale or Ramsey, Indiana.

I could not find Silas Calvin in the 1850 Federal Census, but he would have been somewhere between Indiana and Iowa.

Pleasant Township, Wapello, Iowa, Ottumwa, AbingdonIn the 1854 Iowa State Census Silas Calvin lived in Pleasant Township in Wapello County, Iowa. Most likely in the northern part of the township. Some of his Sears in-laws also lived in the area near Abingdon.

Competine, iowa, Wapello County, OttumwaThe 1856 Iowa State Census has Silas Calvin Ramsey with a Competine, Iowa address, which is why I believe he would live in the northern part of Pleasant Township.

In most of the pictures you will see Ottumwa as a reference point. This is a place well known to me as I lived there for about 10 years while growing up 🙂

Moravia Iowa, Appanoose County, Iowa, RamseyBy 1860 Silas Calvin had made a move further west to Moravia which is in Appanoose County.

Taylor Township, Iowa, Appanoose County, Civil War Draft RegistrationIn 1863 Silas Calvin is listed in a Civil War Draft Registration as being from Taylor Township.

During the Civil War Silas Calvin spent a lot of time in Missouri, but that is a subject for another post.

Union, Mahaska, Iowa, Union Mills, Silas Calvin RamseyThe 1870 Federal Census has Silas Calvin Ramsey living in Union Township with an address of Union Mills, Iowa.

Pleasant Township, Monroe, Iowa, Silas Calvin RamseyThe 1880 Federal Census has Silas Calvin Ramsey living in Pleasant Township or Monroe County, Iowa. This is also the last census for his wife Sarah as she died in 1880.

In 1883 Silas Calvin got married again to Prudence Smith while still living in Monroe County.Brownville, Nebrask, Silas Calvin RamseySometime between 1883 and 1885 Silas made another big move all the way across to Brownville,Nebraska and was living there with his new wife Prudence and her youngest son.

lee Township, Polk county, Iowa, Des Moines, Silas Calvin RamseyOf course the 1890 Federal Census was destroyed, so I don’t know where Silas Calvin lived then, but by the 1900 Federal Census he was living in Lee Township, Polk County, Iowa. This is of course part of Des Moines the capital of Iowa.

Silas Calvin Ramsey died in 1903 while living in Des Moines and is buried there.

As I mentioned above I have several more posts that I want to write about my research into the life of Silas Calvin Ramsey. However, I needed to establish a timeline and determine where all he lived as part of my research. I will be referring back to this post when I write other posts sometime in hopefully the near future 🙂

Two things I plan on writing about are his service in the Civil War and also the disease he protracted while serving.




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7 Responses to Tracing Silas Calvin Ramsey

  1. carel chapman says:

    I have spent a little time looking at Silas, I think he must have been a character. Looking at Whitleyville – it probably looks very much like it did 200 years ago. I have to cleanup my page for Silas, but please look and see if I have anything you don’t. When Silas died he and Prudence were separated and Silas was seeking a divorce. According to the Des Moines Daily Capital newspaper he accused Prudence of infidelity. Sixty-one–year-old Prudence denied the charge. He died before the petition could be heard in court.

    So looking forward to your posts!


    • vanbraman says:

      Thanks Carel, I have a few more things to share. My Mom has a letter that she is going to find for me that was written close to the time of his death. One of the things I also plan to write about is how the family story of Silas being at Andersonville may have got started.

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  3. Carel Chapman says:

    I sent for Silas Ramsey’s military records from the National Archives. If you do not have a copy, I’ll be happy to email the whole batch. I also posted those records on Ancestry. com. You were right about his medical discharge. c.

    • vanbraman says:

      Are they the ones from the cavalry? I need to write a post someday about the two different Silas Ramseys and how they have been misidentified over the years. One in the cavalry (ours) and the other in the infantry. Our Silas was not the one who was in Andersonville, as he is the one who was in the infantry. I would like it if you could e-mail me the records. It would be much easier than trying to extract them from Ancestry.

      • Carel Chapman says:

        The records I have for Silas is for the Calvary — his records show he was the battalion blacksmith. It also includes his discharge papers – medical for conjunctivitis. No record of Andersonville.

      • Carel Chapman says:

        Need an email address for you.

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