Bacon Inspired Wanderings

Today I realized that I needed to cook some bacon that I bought during a recent trip to the grocery store. I had planned on cooking a full hot breakfast a couple weeks ago, but never got around to it.

Bacon - Baking Bacon - Bacon in Oven - Bacon on RackInstead of frying bacon, I have for several years now been cooking it in the oven. There is a lot less mess when you bake it.

What inspired my wandering thoughts tonight was actually the smell of the uncooked bacon. Many people do not know that I worked in a small butcher shop (Ye Olde Meat Shoppe) during my first term of college. In that job I learned a lot about different cuts of meat and also their smells.

A lot of memories of this job, which didn’t last but a couple months, came wandering back. My next job was in a grocery store, but not in the meat department. Instead I worked as a bag boy and checker before starting to work in the pharmacy.

High Park, Breakfast, Friday, TorontoThe smell of uncooked bacon also brought back memories of working in packing plants across the country. I worked for a packaging and labeling company out of Kansas City for a couple years and spent lots of times working around meat in different stages of production. You could always tell when you were near the bacon processing areas of a plant because of the distinctive smell.

English Bacon, English Breakfast, English Food, Cuisine, BaconMy mind also wandered to my many travels to England and having English style bacon for breakfast. I actually like this bacon better.

I also thought of many breakfasts around the world and how the bacon is cooked in different places. Eating bacon for breakfast is one of the little pleasures I indulge in when away from home.

I am not a morning person, so unless someone else is cooking my breakfast for me I usually don’t have anything that takes a lot of preparation.

Bacon for breakfast is one thing I miss when I go to Israel.

Bacon Pizza, Jacob's Pizza JerusalemThat doesn’t mean that I haven’t had bacon in Israel. Jacob’s Pizza in Jerusalem has a great bacon pizza.

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies - Mini Hot dogs - Bacon Wrapped - Bacon Goodness - Finger FoodI am also thinking of bacon wrapped little smokies. I had some of these on New Year’s Eve. Some friends brought me some all the way from Patterson. It was good to see them for a few minutes, even though we stayed distanced from each other and wore our masks.





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