Tonight while thinking about what to post, cats wandered into my thoughts.

Twins, Cat, Old Twins Picture, Memories, animalsSo, I decided to find some pictures that had cats in them. I like this picture of twins with a cat.

Cat - Feline - Cat Eyes - Tarragon the Cat - KittyWhen I think of cats I think of whiskers. Tarragon definitely had some great whiskers.

Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesHave you ever seen a cat with eyes of two different colors? This is known as heterochromia.

dog with cats, Pat, My dog, National Dog DayHere are some of our cats. Here they are posing along with my dog Pat.

Ushuia Argentina, Furthest South Cat, Cat, FelineNot many cats live further south than this one. This picture was taken in Ushuaia, Argentina.


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