Back to Shelter in Place

It is not yet official when we will be going back to Shelter in Place where I live, but it will most likely be within the next week. Just over the hill in the Bay Area they will start again on Sunday.

The Shelter in Place this time is tied to percentage of available ICU beds. We are at about 20% and the threshold for Shelter in Place is 15%. The Bay Area is at about 25% but decided to go ahead and implement it now instead of waiting.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeTonight I decided to go ahead and make a grocery run before more strict requirements are implemented. I also want to avoid any rush brought on by the impending announcement.

grocery shoping, small trunk, bags, hyveeI really didn’t buy too much tonight, mainly just perishables so I have a two week cushion before having to restock. Actually, less than what is in this picture from a trip earlier this year.

The Look, Tracy, California, Haircut, salonWith the Shelter in Place the hair salons will have to close again. I debated on whether to quickly get my hair cut, but I am a long way from where I was the last time I got my hair cut. I can wait.

zoom, congregation, church, bible study, covid-19If we had been meeting in person for church services, we would have to stop. However, we are all set up  with Zoom now for Sunday services and mid-week Bible studies, so there is no difference this time. We will just continue meeting together virtually as we show our love for others by helping stop the spread of the virus.

library partially open, library, welcome back, covid 19I am pretty sure that the library will continue the lobby pickup service. It should meet all requirements as there is limited physical contact with others.

Essentially I have not stopped sheltering in place since March. I can easily count the trips I have made other than to the grocery store and library which are both essential trips. The library is essential for mental health of course.

One trip to the office, but we are classified as essential services since we support the medical field.

A trip to Target to pick up a new TV when the old one quit working. I called ahead and had it waiting for me to pick up. This was very early in the shelter in place before many of the contact free pickup options were in place.

A trip to the tax office for a printout of a supporting form and then to the post office to mail the form since it couldn’t be submitted online.

A trip to the recycle center, not necessarily essential. But it was outdoors and everyone was wearing a mask. See: Recycle Time

A trip to get my hair cut. See: Covid Cut

A trip to the voting center to cast my vote.

And of course many walks about the neighborhood, but wearing a mask and socially distancing.

Keep safe out there….


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