Prayers for Family Friends

Tonight I would like to ask for prayers for some family friends.

Indianapolis, family friends, house guestKaren and David Schwartzkopf have been family friends for a very long time. Karen has been a good friend of my Mother since they were growing up together back in Iowa.

Early last month I was thinking about them as I was virtually in Indianapolis while teaching a course. I was remembering a trip that I made there back in 2009 for another training course. I was able to spend some time with them as I stayed overnight at their house before flying home after my trip.

family friends, indianapolis.During my training course in Indianapolis last month I found out that David had contracted Covid-19, and was hospitalized. Unfortunately, he is still in the hospital and is on a respirator.

Both he and Karen are in need of prayers as he struggles with the virus.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianaopolis, Indianapolis 500, Brickyard, Gasoline Alley, Memorial Day WeekendAs I sit here tonight writing this I am remembering my stay with them back in 2009.

David took me to several places nearby on the morning before my flight.

We of course started the day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. For those of you who know David and Karen you know that they eat there quite often.

David and I then went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I enjoyed going through the museum with him and we both took many pictures. We both enjoy using our cameras.

Inidanapolis, eli lilly home, gardensWe also went to the gardens of the Eli Lilly Home as he knew I liked to take pictures of flowers just like he does.

I used some of the pictures back when I would post a Picture of the Day on Facebook. Now of course I write a daily blog post and use many of my pictures in the posts. Just as I am here.

eli lilly home gardens, red flower, picture of the dayHere is a beautiful red flower that I also posted to Facebook after returning home from the trip.

Memories come flooding back tonight of other family friends who also know David and Karen. I have seen many words of encouragement from them on the daily posts that Karen makes to let us know how David is.

Keep David in your prayers that he will be able to recover from the virus and pray for Karen to have the strength she needs. Unfortunately she is unable to visit him which makes things difficult.

Also keep the doctors and nurses in your prayers that they will have the wisdom to make the right decisions on his care.


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  1. Thanks for caring about friends.

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