Recycle Time

Today I made a trip to the recycling center. Earlier this week I had to do a bit of cleaning in the garage to give better access to the water heater for the repair man to do his work this morning.

One thing I had to do was corral all the empty bottles.

recycle, bottles, CRV, cleaning Garage, recycle centerI ended up with five trash bags full of plastic bottles. I also had a small bag of aluminum cans.

car research, ford fusion, alto blue, plug in hybridIt was fun getting all the bags in the car. I don’t have a big trunk anymore, so most of them were in the back seat.

recycle, bottles, CRV, cleaning Garage, recycle centerI checked to see what recycling centers were open and found one to go to.

Once I was there I had to first dump all of my bags into plastic containers.

It was interesting to see every one social distancing and wearing masks, but yet working with absolutely filthy containers. I made sure that I had my hand sanitizer for when I was done and the mask came in handy to keep me from touching my face.

recycle, bottles, CRV, cleaning Garage, recycle centerThe bottles were mostly water bottles as I don’t often buy pop any more. That is also why I had only a small number of aluminum cans.

recycle, bottles, CRV, cleaning Garage, recycle centerI ended up getting $20.35 for my bottles and cans. Not much since it has probably been more than six years since I last took my recycling in. I try to use reusable containers as much as possible and rarely buy pop, so there has been a big reduction I what I need to take in for redemption.

The garage is a bit cleaner now.

My water heater is operational now, but has to have more work done on Friday. There was a recall on my water heater and another company will be out Friday to replace most everything but the tank.

One of the advantages of working from home is that if needed I can start my remote lecture and then send the students on a break when I need to interface with the plumber.

What should I do with my recycle cash?



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