Green Mound Cemetery

Tonight I will share some pictures from Green Mound Cemetery which is near Trenton, Iowa.

Trenton Iowa, Henry County, Iowa, Green Mound, LeeperHere is a satellite view of the cemetery from Google Maps. The graves that I will be showing pictures of are in about the middle just above the word Cemetery.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorIn this picture from my post Leeper Land you can see the cemetery on the right edge. The red outline is the quarter section that belonged to Absolom Leeper.

green mound, trenton, iowa, church building, cemeteryI will start with the historic Green Mound church building which is just across the road from the cemetery. I like the classic look of rural church buildings, especially if they have a bell tower.

Absalom Leeper Tombstone - 106 years old - Early Pioneer - Henry County, IowaI will start with a picture of the grave stone of Absalom Leeper my 4th Great Grandfather. He died in 1896 and the age on the stone is shown at 106 years. However, he was only 97 at his death. I am still doing some research for a post which will help explain why his age is wrong.

Mary Thomas Leeper, Green Mound CemeteryHere is the grave stone for his wife Mary Thomas Leeper who died in 1881 at the age of 83.

absalom and mary leeper, graves, green mound cemetery, trenton, iowaHere is a view of the Leeper grave stones. There are also graves for Absalom’s three daughters in the cemetery. I do not have a picture of the first one.

Sarah Perkins Leeper Moore died in 1858 at the age of 30 and was the first of the family to be buried in the cemetery.

Update: Sarah was originally buried in the Moore Cemetery near Washington, Iowa. Her remains were moved to Green Mound in about 1910.

Lovicey Leeper Bain, green mound cemeteryLovicy E. Leeper Henderson Bain died in 1870 and was also only 30 years old. She died shortly after a son who only lived of a month, so perhaps there were complications from the birth.

Tabitha Leeper Land, Green Mound cemetery, trenton, iowaTabitha Leeper Land died in 1884 at the age of 52.

One of the sons of Absalom is also buried in the cemetery. Dr. John Alexander Leeper died in Anamosa, Iowa in 1890, but was brought home for burial.

My Third Great Grandfather, William Absolom Leeper, moved away from Henry County and died in 1913 in Guthrie County, Iowa. He was 87 years old.

As I wrote this tonight I found that I need to do some more research on this family group. I am missing a bit of information that should be in my records.



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