Virtually in Philadelphia

Today I have been virtually in Philadelphia. I am teaching a hybrid remote course working with a mentor for the hands-on portion of the course. I am observing from my dining room table, but the schedule of the course is for local time in Philadelphia.

That means that I have to be up very early. Luckily the commute is only down the hallway as I have to start at 6 in the morning which is well before the time I usually get up.

It is also a bit of a pain as when they break for lunch the morning is barely started here. It was a bit unfair when they were having Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches and I had just had breakfast.

Philadelphia skyline, 2000, virtually thereToday I was thinking of the only time that I have been in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia skyline, 2000, virtually thereThe trip was about 20 years ago and I was only in Philadelphia for a very short time.

Einstein House, Princeton, New Jersey, Pi Day, March 14, Einstein's BirthdayI had been in Princeton for a few day with my manager working on some projects. Of course we did a bit of sightseeing as well. Do you know who lived in this house?

Philadelphia skyline, 2000, virtually thereI was flying home from Newark, but the day before I left I went with my manager to the Philadelphia airport to pick up a few students that were coming to Princeton for a course.

Philadelphia skyline, 2000, virtually thereSomeday I would like to go back to Philadelphia. I would like to see a few historic sites there, but would also like to again visit the Amish settlements to the west.

I did  take a good long nap this afternoon after the class ended, but now need to figure out when to go to bed. I feel jet-lagged and I am just at home. Of course, some of this is due to the unhealthy air we have had for the last few weeks. Thankfully the air quality is better today.


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1 Response to Virtually in Philadelphia

  1. Cody Leeper says:

    I got to see Lincoln Financial Field last year for the first time. Pretty cool stadium even if you are not an Eagles fans which I am not. East Coast time is no fun. Enjoy virtual Philadelphia.

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