Saturday Night Orange

This evening I have taken a few orange images, so I am using them to illustrate my evening wanderings.

orange sunset, smoky sky, fall, autumnAll day today the sun has had a red/orange tinge to it. As the sun was setting it had an orange glow around it.

orange full moon, saturday night, smoky skyI had to make a grocery run tonight and as I was getting out of my car the moon was rising and was a orange color because of all the smoke in the sky. The smoke was also scattering the light from the street lights. In the upper right of the picture is Mars, which also looked a bit orange.

fall, autumn, october, pumpkins, gourdsIn the store there were several containers full of big orange gourds and pumpkins.

pumpkin, pumpkin spice, bagels, autumnThere were also a lot of food items with orange packaging like these pumpkin spice bagels and pumpkin donuts.

orange candy, candy corn, candy pumpkinsThere was also a display of orange candy. I thought about getting some candy corn, but the containers were too large.

just the right amount of candy corn, candy corn, candies, halloweenLuckily the store I shop at has bulk bins and I was able to buy just the right amount of candy corn.

Did I buy too much?


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