Virtually in Atlanta

This week I am virtually in Atlanta teaching a course. I started out on Friday with some on-line lectures while the students were still at home. Monday was a travel day and now they are gathered together in a hotel conference room with an experienced engineer.

Now, the experienced engineer is helping me with the hands-on portion of the course as I observe from home through Microsoft Teams.

So, I have been thinking of my last visit to Atlanta.

wedding, atlanta, memoriesThe last time I was in Atlanta was for a wedding a little more than 14 years ago. I have some good memories of the wedding.

Atlanta, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big ChickenI asked at the hotel where I was staying about a good place to have dinner the night of the wedding. As they were giving me instructions to find the restaurant, they told me that it was just past the Big Chicken.

This unique building has been a local landmark in Marietta since 1963 when it was built for Johnny Reb’s Chick-Chuck-‘N’-Shake. It became a Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1974.

Notice the PepsiCola sign on the building.

BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Williamson Bros, AtlantaHere you see a CocaCola sign on the Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q restaurant which was my destination.

Just an interesting contrast since Atlanta is home to CocaCola.

bar-b-que pit, restaurants, georgia, atlanta, MariettaI remember walking in the door of the restaurant and the wonderful smell of the BBQ roasting in the pit.

plate of Bar-B-Q, Williamson Bros, Marietta GeorgiaI had a wonderful plate of BBQ. If I remember right there were three different types of meat on the plate. I don’t have the sides shown here, but do remember that they included thick white bread and beans.

Now for some sleep as I have to get up really early for class tomorrow.


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  1. Virtual visits can be quite interesting at these times when travel possibilities are limited. 🙂

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