Thinking of my Grandma

Today I have been thinking of my Grandma. Today would have been her 97th birthday.

Grandma - Remembering Grandma - Nurse - MemoriesI am also thinking of my Grandma as I needed to use something today that had belonged to her.

sewing kit, purse, repairs, needle,  thread, sissors, measuring tapeWhen my Mom gave me this mini clasp purse she told me that Grandma always carried it with her just in case it was needed. Today I needed it.

sewing kit, purse, repairs, needle,  thread, sissors, measuring tapeThis mini clasp purse was her emergency sewing kit.

sewing kit, purse, repairs, needle,  thread, sissors, measuring tapeThe emergency kit has thread, scissors, needles, needle threaders, buttons and even a measuring tape. My Mom said that she put it to good use many times to help others make repairs when wardrobe malfunctions occurred.

button, shorts, wardrobe malfunction, repairToday I lost a button and had just what I needed to sew it back on. I am only showing the front of the button as the back looks horrible. I really do not like sewing buttons on. I would rather ask a favor or pay someone to sew buttons on, but in these times of social distancing I had to sew it back on myself 🙂

I had some nice memories of my Grandma as I performed my little repair job.

Perhaps the thread on the button wore out today just so I would have some good memories of my Grandma on her birthday.



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2 Responses to Thinking of my Grandma

  1. I love using the things left to me by family members – special crockery from one granny, a rolling pin from another. Whenever I use one of these items I use it as an opportunity to share a story about them with my children so that their memory lives on.

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