Salmon Rice Soup

Today for lunch I made a nice bowl of soup. I came up with this recipe one day early on in my shelter in place time when I needed to use some left overs.

salmon rice miso soupI had used most of a packet of salmon and had some left over. I also had some leftover rice. I decided to try something new.

salmon rice miso soupSo here is the simple recipe. Crumble some salmon on top of warmed up leftover rice.

salmon rice miso soupPour in some Half & Half, this will give some creaminess to the soup.

salmon rice miso soupNext comes some miso broth concentrate. I like to use Miso & Easy.

salmon rice miso soupNo measurements in this recipe, it is all just by feel and taste.

salmon rice miso soupWhile getting this all ready, I had the tea kettle heating up.

salmon rice miso soupNow pour boiling water over the mixture.

salmon rice miso soupStir the soup to combine the ingredients.

salmon rice miso soupThen add a bit of sriracha to add a little spice.

I have made this several times now as it makes a good hearty lunch.

I never thought to see if this was an existing recipe. I just threw it together. I just looked online and there are some much more complex miso salmon soup recipes. However, this is easy and delicious.


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