Turkey Travel Memories

Earlier this week I had a friend tag me on Facebook in a travel photo challenge. I usually do not take part in these challenges, but did send her back a picture from a trip we were on together in Turkey.

So, tonight since I am thinking about Turkey, I will share some of my favorite pictures from Turkey.

Perge, Turkey - Perge Ruins - Paul's Missionary Journeys - ArchaeologyI really like this picture that I took when we visited Perge. The rows of columns along the street are really cool.

sketching, turkey, perge, archaeologyLater, as I walked down the street in the picture above I happened upon my friend sketching and snapped a picture.

Hot Air Ballons - Cappadocia - Rock formations - Kapadokya BalloonsWhile in Cappadocia we went on a balloon ride over the unique landscape.

Lion Gate - Hattusha - Ancient Hittite Capital - Ruins of HattushaEarly in the trip we visited the Hittite city Hattusha which was their capital.

Hagia Sofia - Church, Mosque, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyIn Istanbul we visited Hagia Sofia. This is an incredible building, especially when you consider when it was built. The Hagia Sophia has been in the news this month as it has been turned back into an active mosque.

Scarves - Grand Bazaar - Istanbul - ShoppingHere is one more favorite. The Grand Bazarr in Istanbul was a very interesting place to visit. It was very colorful, fragrant and noisy.

It has been a busy night with another trip for essential supplies, now for some rest.


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