Clark County Fair Memories

While growing up in Kansas I always looked forward to the Clark County Fair.

Clark County Clipper, Newspaper, ashland kansasOur small town of Ashland had a weekly newspaper, The Clark County Clipper, that served most of the county. There was also a smaller newspaper, The Minneola Record, in the upper corner of the county.

Tonight I was looking through some old Clippers and found a notice for an upcoming Clark County Fair.

Clark County Fair, Ashland, Kansas, county fair, 4-HOur family was always involved in the fair. We would enter projects from 4-H and I would usually help with a Boy Scout booth. My sister usually took home a lot of ribbons in clothing construction.

county fair, exhibits, sheep, cows, 4-HI always enjoyed walking through the barns to see all the animals. Many of them were being shown by classmates or schoolmates. In a small town you usually know everyone in school all the way from K-12.

I would also walk through all the flower exhibits, textiles, foods, etc.. I especially had to check and see how my sister did with her projects. I also entered a few projects. I remember one electricity project I entered, but I usually did not do so well. I think I may have won a few ribbons, but not like my sister who was often a Grand Champion and took projects to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson.

rodeo, county fair, Ashland, Kansas, Clark CountyOf course, the evenings were always great as it was time for the Rodeo. It was fun to watch the roping, cutting, pole bending and especially the bull riding. Of course watching the kids events were also pretty cool.

Fair time rodeo memories often flood back when I see some of my friends post about rodeos and horse events they are involved in now.

Lots of memories tonight.

Do you remember going to your county fair?



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