During the past five months while keeping close to home I have been eating more rice than usual.

Rice Maker, Butter Rice, Rice SteamerThis is partly because rice is easy to make, but also because I am trying to eat a bit healthier.

salmon rice miso soupRice can also be used in many different dishes, like this Salmon Rice Soup.

Rice Aisle - Target - Uncle Ben's - Bagged RiceI am also thinking about differences in culture. Shown here is a typical rice aisle in a grocery store here in the US.

Large Rice Aisle - Large Bags of Rice - Canadian Grocery Store - Rice Selection - Bagged RiceHere is a typical rice aisle in a grocery store that has mainly Asian customers.  You will see similar displays in Hispanic markets.

spicy marinated chicken, cabbage, sweet potatoes, onions and tteok - Dak Galbi - Rice - Vegetables - Chucheon SpecialtyI am thinking of some great rice dishes that I had in Korea.

Nabemono, Rice, Hot Pot, Japanese CuisineThis rice dish is from Japan and is a typical ending to a hot pot. Rice is added to the remaining broth to capture the flavors of all the food that has been cooked during the meal.

Stir Fried Rice Rolls, Koi Palace Express, Ulferts Center, Chinese New YearOf course, rice also takes other forms like these rice noodles in a Chinese restaurant.

sushi, brazil, strawberry sushi, sashimiSushi is another food we think of that has rice, and in fact if it doesn’t have rice it is not sushi. Some people think of sushi as being raw fish, but that is not what sushi is. In fact there are many types of sushi that do not have fish, and even some that have cooked fish.

Raw fish in Japanese cuisine is known as sashimi, which is also very good. However, if you have a small slice of raw fish and put it on top of rice you have sushi 🙂

I had a small bowl of rice for lunch today along with some tuna, and this evening had a Pepper Beef dish that included rice.

Tomorrow I will have to figure out what to do with the leftover rice from lunch.



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