Long Weekend

The long holiday weekend is coming to an end and tomorrow it will be time to get back to work.

Well actually, I did a bit of work on Friday and also this afternoon, so maybe the weekend was not quite as long 🙂

Frank Andrea Miller - Easier Taxes - Editorial Cartoon - Cartoonist - Frank Miller - Des Moines RegisterSo what did I do during my long weekend?

I finally did my taxes, which really did not take that long. When I had three more months to do them there was no hurry 🙂

However, even though I filed on-line I have to mail one of my forms in. This means printing out another form to attach it to and getting it into an envelope. Not something I can do from home as I don’t have a working printer, and no stamps. Not sure why I couldn’t just scan the form and attach it. So, I will have to venture out on Monday to finish this off.

Livermore Outlets, Reading Sculpture, Little Boy ReadingI also did a bit of reading this weekend. I have not done as much reading while sheltering in place, but had picked up a book from the library that was hard to put down.

back yard, mowing lawn, green grass, springYard work was also on the agenda. The grass doesn’t stop growing just because it is a holiday weekend.

Ankerstein Convent with GardenI also did some building with Ankerstein. I finished building this structure this weekend, but the picture here was taken the last time I built it back in 2011. I used this picture in a post titled Anchor Then and Now.

1984 ashland church of christ, centenialI also took a trip down memory lane while finding a picture for my brother. In the same folder where I found the picture he wanted I found this great picture. A lot of memories in this picture, and you can read about some of them in the post I wrote: Family Friends XI – Ashland Church

Fire Works - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksI hope you had a good weekend.





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