A Shop in Istanbul

Tonight I was looking through some of the pictures that I took during a trip to Turkey back in 2014. I took well over 8,000 pictures on the trip, so only looked through a small part of them tonight.

I was looking for a certain picture, which I didn’t find, however I found some other interesting ones that I through I would share.

istanbul, turkey, shop, shoppingI remember this well lit shop near our hotel in Istanbul. The shop looked warm and inviting so we made our way in to check it out.

honey, types of honey, jars of honey, turkey, istanbulThe wares in the shop were displayed very nicely. I remember this display of honey. The jars had a light behind them to show the translucency of the different varieties.

spices, turkey, shop display, foodThey also had a spice section. The spices were of course very fragrant, but I also noticed how nicely they were displayed.

turkish shop, oils, bottlesThey also had a wide variety of oils which were nicely displayed.

Honey comb, bees, honey framesThey also had honey frames on display. You would often see frames of honey at breakfast in the hotels in Turkey, so I wasn’t too surprised to finally see them in a shop.

Some good memories came flooding back while looking at my pictures from Turkey.


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