Family Friends XI – Ashland Church

I got a message from my brother earlier tonight wondering if I had a picture of someone. This sent my mind wandering back to growing up in Ashland, Kansas and some of the people that were part of our congregation.

ashland kansas, church of christ, memoriesHere is a picture of the church building. I have many memories of mowing the lawn around this building, which is what I was getting ready to do when this picture was taken. If you look closely you can see the lawnmower on the far right.

1984 ashland church of christ, centenialWe had just completed an addition to the building when this picture was taken. I know that it was 1984 because my Dad has a beard. So many memories as I look at this picture.

old men, learning, memoriesHere I am with Alfred Park and George Vandeveer. I learned so much from these men. The planter that we are sitting on was part of the addition to the building. There was just enough bricks left for the planter.

I think my hair is just as bushy now as back then when this picture was taken. Of course, the shirt fits a bit tighter though.

George and Nora, family friendsI really like this picture of George and Nora Vandeveer. There are so many things in this picture that bring back memories.

I was looking for a picture like this when I wrote Family Friends VIII – Leland Vandeveer. You can read more about the Vandeveers in that post.

Eleanor Swift, memories, Ashland KansasHere is the picture that I sent to my brother. I have some good memories of Eleanor. She was a very interesting lady.

An interesting trip down memory lane tonight.


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2 Responses to Family Friends XI – Ashland Church

  1. Sharon Osborn says:

    Enjoyed these pictures and your memories.

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