James the Antique Man

Tonight I receive news that my childhood friend James the Antique Man had ended his life.James the antique man, covid-19, Iowa, memoriesIt has been a sad night as I am remembering some things from our childhood in Ottumwa, Iowa and also our many late night chats on Messenger through the years. I was a few years older than James, but our Mother’s were good friends and we went to church together so we spent a lot of time together. I also have memories of other members of his family.

antique man, raccoon forks antiquesJames worked in an antique shop back in Iowa and also had several Facebook sites. I would always enjoy his talks about antiques and the many pictures that he shared.

cameras, bellows cameras, old camerasI liked the pictures of the old cameras that he had and he was watching out for a Zeiss camera for me.

marbles, marble pouch, playing marblesHe posted about marbles sometimes and they always brought back memories of playing marbles when I was young. I may have to go buy some old marbles once antiques stores are back in business as they make me think of him.

old bicycle, bike repairJames also repaired old bicycles. He had some really nice pictures of the bicycles both before and after he worked on them.

I am not sure of all that has led to his passing, but I know that he had been struggling with a physical condition that kept him from sleeping.

I will miss my late night chats with James and all the pictures of antiques that he posts.

Please pray for his family as they go through this stressful time.


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5 Responses to James the Antique Man

  1. Cathy Cain says:

    My condolences

  2. John Goetz says:

    Hi I am James brother john

  3. Tina says:

    I attended church with James. He always admired my retro jewelry, and shared his knowledge of certain eras. He will be missed. Thanks for this article.

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