Used More or Used Less

While sheltering in place I have found that some things are used more and some things are used less.

dishwasher, used more, shelter in placeI have to run the dishwasher more often as I am only eating at home.

clothes washer, cleaning, choresMy washer is used less as I don’t wear as many different clothes. For instance, I have not worn socks for weeks, except for when I go out to the grocery store. Plus, I am more likely to wear the same things for several days at a time.

clothes dryer, choresOf course, the dryer is also used less as it is used only after a load goes through the washer.

It is interesting though that they are seeing different items as I am wearing much different clothes while sheltering in place.

shower, shelter in place, cleanThe shower is also used a bit less. There are some days where I will not shower. It all depends on how I feel. I don’t get too dirty sitting at a computer while working šŸ™‚

razor, beard trimmerThe beard trimmer and razor are also not used as much. Instead of most every day, I may go a few days without trimming up. It all depends on whether I have meetings where we use video or not. Next week I will have to use them more often.

back door, backyard, screen door, sliding glasss doorThe sliding door into the backyard is used a lot more as I try to spend some time there each day. Also, windows are opened a lot more.

On the other hand the garage door is rarely opened except for when I am working in the front yard or heading out to the grocery store.

What have you use more and what have you used less?


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