Memorial Day at Home

Today many people will have spent Memorial Day at home.

sausage on grill, picnic, Friday LunchI am sure that many still celebrated with a BBQ, or had a special meal. I had planned on making some loose meat sandwiches, but since it was so hot I decided not to cook.

Little Arlington, Veterans, Tracy CaliforniaI will usually visit a cemetery on Memorial Day and take part in the memorial ceremonies.

Memorial Day, Wreathes, Tracy, California, Cemetery, Unknow VeteranHowever, this year the cemetery did not have the ceremonies because of social distancing measures. They also did not put flags on the graves this year.

Memorial Day - Little Arlington - Tracy, California - Graves of VeteransHowever, I did take some time to look at some pictures from previous years to help me remember those who gave their lives for our country.

Our local cemetery has a Little Arlington section, and I will often walk through it on Memorial Day reading the names of the soldiers.

Memorial Day - Franklin D. Roosevelt quote - Forget in time that men have died to win themI also read quotes about Memorial Day like this one from President FDR.

Picture Magazine, Grinnell Iowa, Frank Andrea MillerI also reminisced about past Memorial Days where I spent time in a park with others celebrating.

Lots of memories on this day.



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1 Response to Memorial Day at Home

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Since my work places , 2 are non essential, I have free schedule so I relaxed at my favourite restaurant. The staff and management and I are friends. Makes for a good writing atmosphere.

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