Popular 2020 Posts

2020 was an interesting year for my blog as I did not do much physical wandering. Instead the blog was more about being at home, reminiscing about previous travels, and where my mind happened to wander.

Tonight I thought I would share some of the more popular of the posts I wrote last year.

Steffisburg Bern Switzerland Home of Yoder and Kauffman Amish ancestors

Steffisburg – Google Maps

A post I made about the Amish Homeland was the most popular of the new posts. However, it was not entirely new but a  re-post of something I wrote long ago. I did make a few edits and updates.

Geneaology, ancestry, hochstetler, multiple descentHochstetler Descents was also a popular post. Not all of the genealogy posts that I write get a lot of views, but this one did. But, there are a lot more Hochstetler descendants than in other branches of my family.

James the antique man, covid-19, Iowa, memoriesA post that was difficult to write, but honored a childhood friend was also near the top of the list of most popular posts I wrote last year.

James the Antique Man passed away back in May during the early days of the pandemic. James’ brother sent me a few items to remember him by, and I have them sitting in my office area.

1918 Flu Epidemic, Spanish Flu, Vincennes, Indiana, First Hand AccountIn early March as the virus first started to spread I wrote A Family Letter about the 1918 Flue Pandemic.

It is sad that almost a year later we are still dealing with this awful disease.

Unfortunately, we did not do well in applying lessons that we should have learned a little more than a 100 years ago.

Triple 7, Boeing 777, Flight to Tokyo, SFO - HND, AirplaneNext Wandering Postponed was another popular post.

This was the story of the year. So much this year was postponed and it is yet to be known when many things will be able to be resumed.

Of course there were many more posts that had a lot of views, but these were some of the most popular. However, it will be interesting to look back in a couple years and see if these post have continued to get views. It is sometimes surprising which posts have long term appeal and which may only be seen shortly after posting.

I wonder what posts I write this year will be popular a year from now. hmm.



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