Sheltering in Place for Two Months Now

I have now been sheltering in place for two months. There will be at least two more weeks before I start working in the office again according to the latest plan. Of course things change on a daily basis so it may be longer.

back yard, rose bush, tree, spring timeDuring the two months I have mainly stayed on my own property, but do have to walk down the street to the mailbox. It is interesting that many days there is no mail. A lot less junk mail is being sent out.

It is good that I have a nice back yard. I am spending much more time there this year. I usually try and take a break and go out and read each day and absorb some Vitamin D from the sun.

Yellow roses, dusk, california rosesI am also spending some time taking care of my yard. I have been mowing a little more often to get some good exercise.

zoom, congregation, church, bible study, covid-19Church is of course virtual and I have enjoyed meeting on-line with some really good friends who live in Canada, and also with my own church family here in California.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeThe only trips away from home have been to WinCo for essentials. Tonight I made my 4th trip. I am able to go two weeks between trips since I shop wisely.

I am making sure that I don’t buy a bunch of junk food. So far I have been eating pretty good and have not been gaining any weight.

I also try and get up and move around and not spend all the time sitting in front of the laptop while working. Doing some simple exercise while in web meetings is sometimes possible as in some meetings I am just listening or answering questions.

Lookout Tower - Ankerstein - NF10 - Anchor Blocks - Building with stonesI am also doing some building with my Ankerstein sets. It is a good way to relax during the evenings. Also a good way to focus my mind when I am trying to figure something else out.

I am sharing some of my builds on Instagram and have received some responses from other builders.

I am also doing a bit of organizing and some areas of my house are much more organized than they have been in years. Other areas are in a state of flux 🙂

Now for a nice weekend of relaxation and perhaps some more organizing.



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2 Responses to Sheltering in Place for Two Months Now

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    I’m not much for rules. except what is in scripture and basics. like the mask issue, i tried and literally things go black and i get weak. no mask. our work at the church was stopped,,,,pianist in the building was halted and work at the assisted living was stopped. As a musician im not considered essential. sniff. people’s attitudes and health partially depend on Holy music. Yet the pastor where i work has chosen to present the services online himself. where I pay my rent has a piano and i am more than welcomed to give music there. My heart and spirit is on the highway, just have yet to connect with the right people. Still working on that.

  2. Pastor Cathy says:

    Hope this changes soon to release you and your work to go as needed….like Moses told Pharoah,,,,,let My people go.

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