First Scape

Each spring one of the things I look for is the first scape on my agapanthus.

back yard, mowing, yard work, grassThe agapanthus is back in the corner of my backyard. This picture is from back in March.

agapanthus, spider web, spiders, backyardSo far this year I had only found things like spider webs.

rolled leaf, agapanthus, springOr perhaps a little rolled leaf or petal that is worth taking a picture of.

backyard, agapanthus, spring, first scapeYesterday I took some pictures and almost missed seeing the first scape coming up. Can you see it there in the middle of the bush?

first agapanthus scape, backyard, natureHere you have a better look at the scape coming up. Once they come up they quickly grow so I will be watching each day to see how tall it gets. I will also be watching for more scapes.

Soon I will be watching for the first scape to open and then for the first little flowers to open.

Another good reason to get out into the backyard and get some sun.


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