Hochstetler Descents

When working with Amish ancestry you will often find multiple descents from immigrant ancestors. I saw a multiple descent chart posted to one of the Facebook groups that I follow, so thought I would try making a chart for one of my Amish immigrant ancestors.

Geneaology, ancestry, hochstetler, multiple descentThe ancestor that I chose for the chart is Jacob Hochstetler. I have six different lines back to this immigrant ancestor.

Each row of the chart is a generation and each column is a line of descent. I only included the ancestor, but may update at some time to include dates, spouse and other information.

Since I am 1/4 Amish this chart ends with my Grandfather.

Amish Genealogy, Jacob Hochstetler, Descendants, Harvey HostetlerBarbara Hochstedler, Christian Stutzman, Amish Genealogy, Harvey Hostetler, Genealogy

Two major Amish genealogies cover my Hochstetler families. The first covers the three sons of Jacob and the second the descendants of his daughter Barbara.

katey Sagal, Who Do You Think You Are, Genealogy, AmishThe ancestors of Katey Sagal are also in the second book. See my post: Katey Sagal – Amish Ancestry

Katey is a descendant of the Mary Stutzman shown on my chart.

I will now share a few pictures associated with some of the people on the chart.

Rachel Yoder Kauffman - Amish in Hubbard, OregonI have a picture of Rachel Yoder who is my third great grandmother. One of her bonnets is  on display in a museum in Kalona, Iowa.

Johann Yoder, Magdalena Stutzman, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Amish, GravestoneHere is the gravestone of Magdalena Stutzman Yoder. See: Old Yoder Gravestones

John Miller, Amish MinisterI have written several posts that include this picture of John A. Miller my 2nd Great Grandfather.

I need to make similar charts for my other Amish immigrant ancestors. Yoder and Miller may be almost as complicated.

Do you have Amish ancestry?


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