Before the Rain

I have been watching the grass in my backyard get taller and taller over the past couple weeks. With the tall grass I had to make sure it was dry before mowing. I had planned on mowing on Saturday, but it was raining a bit in the morning.

back yard, mowing, yard work, grassI had not mowed the backyard the last time I mowed the front yard as it had started raining.

Here you can see that tall and heavy grass in the backyard.

backyard rose bush, fence corner, mowed lawnI actually had to make two passes to get the backyard mowed. I first set the mower on the highest setting and then came back with the normal setting.

mowing, backyard, yard work, green grassHere the backyard after making the two passes. The grass is nice and green and still very thick.

Usually after mowing I will water, but I will wait for tomorrow when it will get watered from the sky.

clouds, coming storm, coming rainAs I finished you could see some clouds in the sky and the wind had really picked up.

rain clouds, clouds, wind, coming rainA little later the sky was darker and the clouds were looming. However, still no rain here but I did check and rain is in the forecast for the morning.

It was good to get the yard mowed so that I don’t have to worry about it for awhile. However, depending on the weather I will most likely mow again this weekend as the front yard will need a trim.

It is nice that spring is here. The trees are starting to turn green and flowers are starting to appear.


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