A Quiet Saturday

Today was a quiet Saturday.

Electric Mower, Mowing the Yard, Lawn Care, Green Grass, Winter GrassI had planned on mowing the yard, but woke up to rain.rain, yard work, drive wayI decide that it was time to get a little more sleep instead šŸ™‚ I did not sleep all day, but did get a nice long nap in.

Flag at Half-Staff, Tracy, Library, Patriot Day, September 11I did not follow my normal routine for a Saturday. I almost always go to the library on Saturday, but the library is closed because of the shelter in place order.

Instead I worked on organizing some of my books. I really needed to clear up some work space on my dining room table and it was piled with books.

Rice Aisle at Grocery Store - Safeway Rice Aisle - Bagged RiceI also usually go to the grocery store on Saturday night for my weekly shopping. I think that I can wait a few more days before I really need anything at the store. The one thing that I am starting to run out of is milk, but I can go for awhile without milk.

California winter, rain clouds, gazeboExcept for a walk around the park earlier in the week I have not been further away than the mailbox since last Saturday.

I did talk to one of my neighbors while they were getting into their car across the street.

I have been working from home and have had conversations with family, co-workers and friends from around the world via Skype or e-mail, so am not totally without social contact.

Fairview Church of Christ - Linn, Missouri - Religion in Family History - Country ChurchI will attend an on-line worship service tomorrow. I have downloaded the app and have set myself a reminder with the log-in information.

I will also probably work on some future presentations for the Sunday morning class I have been teaching. Maybe I will look into ways that I can hold a class on-line. I will see how the app for the worship service works tomorrow.

I hope that all my followers are doing well and staying safe.





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