Tonight I have been looking at some maps.

Yesterday I discovered a resource on Ancestry that has county land ownership maps from many different locations where my ancestors lived.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorYesterday I wrote about Leeper Land in Iowa.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorI was able to find out where my 5th Great Grandfather lived.

Tonight I have been looking for a few other pieces of land. I was able to find a few, but need to do more research. Unfortunately, the library of maps is not very extensive from a time standpoint and in some places the maps are just before or after my ancestors lived in an area.

Iowa County Iowa, Jeremiah Rowe, MigrationMaps are very important in Genealogy as they help you find out where you ancestors lived and what cities were close by.

Nicholas County, East Union, CarlisleThey can also help you find records, especially if county borders have changed over time.

Also if you family lived near a border they sometimes had closer relations with the bordering county or township.

Hillsdale County, Hudson, Wright, Waldron, MapsI really want to find out where William Rowe lived in Hillsdale County, Michigan.

He is buried in one township and his census post office locations are in two other townships. There is a plat map for Hillsdale County, but it is from 20 years after he died. I need an earlier one. Perhaps someday I will find one.

Now to get things done and get to sleep.


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  1. Luanne says:

    I agree about maps! So often neglected, too.

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