Thinking of Goats

Today I was thinking about goats. Perhaps it is because the Jeopardy G.O.A.T tournament has been showing this week. G.O.A.T is Greatest Of All Time. It is interesting to see the big winners of Jeopardy compete against each other. I came home expecting to see the next match tonight, but found out it will not be until Tuesday night.

So, now to the goats.

Bangalore, India, Bengalura, Goat HerdThinking of goats made me remember a long ago trip to Bangalore, India where there was a herd of goats in the street in the middle of the city.

Black goats, Tarsus, Roman Road, TurkeyI also remembered this herd of black goats we saw near Tarsus. We had been walking on an old Roman road near the city.

Goats, barnyard, animals, walkThis picture is a little closer to home. I was walking from the dealership back to my house after dropping Old Blue off for an oil change when I saw this little herd of goats near the mall.

Goats R Us, grazing goats, weed controlI took this picture about nine years ago. I had met some friends for a Sunday lunch at Rigatoni’s and saw this herd of goats on the hillside. There is a business that rents out goats to clear grass and weeds from areas that are difficult to mow. I have seen this herd of goats in many places since then.

Nubian Ibex, Ibex, Capra nubiana, wild goat, masadaI will end this post with a wild goat or Nubian Ibex. I took this picture at Masada.

Now I am thinking of goat cheese. I think I might have some so better go check and if so have a little midnight snack.


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  1. Goat milk is one of the healthiest milk to drink. Plus the fur is good fur /fer crafts.

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