Sunset Posts

For some reason tonight I am thinking about sunsets. I just checked and I have written 30 posts with the word sunset in the title.

So, I am going to share some sunset pictures tonight since I am thinking about them.

Night at Netanya, Israel, Sunset over Mediterranean SeaThis was one of the first sunset pictures that I shared on the blog. It is not in a post with sunset in the title, but rather in one titled Night at Netanya.

It was a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguaraI am also thinking of a beautiful sunset in Tokyo.

California Aqueduct, California Drought, Water, Sunset, Mount DiabloA beautiful sunset reflected in one of the canals near my home with a silhouette of Mt. Diablo in the background.

Mount Diablo Sunset, Tracy, California, Great ValleyAnother Mt. Diablo sunset with a nice view down the railroad tracks.

Buenos Aires Sunset, Golden Sky, Colorful Sky, Electric Lines, Hotel ViewAnd one more from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was taken just before my Sister and I headed to Antarctica on a cruise.

Which sunset do you like best?


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