Frosty Walk to Work

Yesterday I had a frosty walk to work. The temperatures were a little colder and the humidity had been high so there was some nice frost.

frost, grass, germany, cold weather

It almost looked like it had snowed, but it was just a heavy frost on the ground.

frost, leaves, winter, autumn, frosty, leaves

The many leaves on the ground were covered with frost and were very pretty. The vein patterns really stood out on the leaves.

frost, weather, cold weather, germany

The frost on the vines and trees was also very pretty. The live colorful leaves really showed through the frost.

leaves, frost, winter, cold, foilage

Near the bridge I cross over there are some large bushes that were covered with frost. The patterns of the small branches and vines in the picture are also interesting as I see parallels in some of the retinal images that I see.

frost on bridge, small car, orange car, blue bridge, frosty morning, germany

I saw the little orange car again, and you can see it here going across the frost covered bridge.

The surface of the bridge was covered with frost since it cools down much quicker than sidewalks.  You should always remember this when driving over a bridge in cold weather. It is a much colder surface so will ice over much quicker.

The rails of the bridge also had a thicker layer of frost.

It is warmer and sunny this morning so no frosty walk today.


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